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Engagement and Bridal Poses to Ask Your Photographer For

Engagement and bridal sessions are always a blast, both for the couple and the photographer. If you have a great photographer, they’ll know how to pose you and make sure you look fantastic. But it’s always helpful if you know a few poses you want to include! Whether you’re about to get your pictures taken, or you’re the one behind the camera, here are a few key poses to make sure you get that perfect shot!

1. Touching Noses

It’s classic and adorable. This allows you to get close to your partner and be romantic.

2. Frolicking

Literally just hold hands and skip/run towards or away from the camera. It’s so cute and it will bring out that genuine smile.

3. The Twirl

The simplest, sweetest dance move. It’s classy and fun.

4. The Lift and Spin

If one of you can lift the other, definitely do this one! It’s one of my favorites because it’s just so cute.

5. The Dip

Another fun dance move. You can keep it simple, but if you’re really feeling it you can go all out! Either way, it’s going to look amazing. Pro tip: if you’re the dipper, SQUAT or LUNGE to lower your partner down. Don’t just bend over. Your back will thank you.


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